I was born into the family of an artist. I spent lots of hours watching my father create oil paint art. When I watched him painting, indirectly I learnt composition and colors. This made a creative impact on me. However, my educational background is not associated with photography. I’ve got two master’s degrees in Biochemistry and Public Management as well as an Associate’s degree in Education. My passion for photography prevailed over my formal professional background and I sacrificed my diplomas to become a person I want to be in my professional life. In 2017, I fell in love with fine art photography. Everyday practicing and self-teaching help me to compensate for the absence of formal training in photography.
I publish BnW pictures but not only. I have color picture projects as well. The colorful “Treasure Island” series shows the beauty of the recycling process. It’s difficult to believe that all those pictures were taken at junk yards and recycling stations.
My pictures have been shown in galleries and bought by collectors in Myrtle Beach and San Diego, the USA; Sofia, Bulgaria; Barcelona, Spain; Athens, Greece, and Tbilisi, Georgia. The Photo “Queen’s Liberation” was published on the National Geographic’s website in 2019. In December 2020, the Deetjen’s photo was published on Vogue Italia’s website.  
In September 2020, the photograph "Calm" got an honorable mention by juror Aline Smithson. This picture was included into the 2020 International Juried Exhibition ONLINE gallery and into the exhibition catalog of the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA.
The picture "Calm" was made one month before Black Lives Matter protests started. This fact is very important to me because it validates my artistic intuition.
In August 2020, I moved to the Bay Area to stay closer to artistic hubs.
Communication with like-minded people inspires me and helps me to grow as a photographer.
I believe that beauty is around us. To see that beauty, just stop, take a deep breath, and look around.
Also, I believe that sharing experience is very important for art evolution. I teach my students photography online.
For me photography is a healing process. That’s how I connect Me, Myself, and I. Our civilization has built the world of “Too Much Information”. Negative news makes the noise which blocks the basic language of Mother Nature in our minds. That’s how mindfulness disappears and disconnections appear. Beauty is a visual part of the basic language (Golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, light, etc.) that I use to talk to myself and other people. I believe when we are focusing on aesthetical things, we are not focusing on negative aspects of our lives. The more we focus on beauty, the more mindfulness and happiness we bring into our lives.
At this stage of my life, I prefer to work in the symbolism and minimalism styles. Moving to the West Coast in August 2020 led to tangible transformations in my creative life. The fairy nature of the Central Coast woke my mystical vision. The diversity of forms, colors, and textures which I see for the first time here brings me back to my childhood when I was discovering the world. I don’t look for hidden mystical sense around me but somehow symbolic characters and situations find me all the time here. Curiosity and Intuition are the best friends of mine as a photographer.
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